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29th Jul 2017

The disturbing reason the royal family have to pack this outfit

Could you imagine having to do this?

Laura Holland


Could you imagine having to do this?

Kate Middleton and Prince William, and their two children, recently visited Poland and Germany.

While Kate impressed everyone, as per usual, with her array of different outfits, it turns out she will have packed one more that we didn’t see and there’s a very disturbing reason behind it.

The Royal family are supposed to pack an extra black outfit when travelling abroad, in the event of a death within the family. They must wear the black outfit to show they are in mourning.

According to The Sun, the Queen once got caught out by this requirement after forgetting to pack a black outfit. She was in Kenya when she found out that her father, King George VI, had passed away.

She flew back to England immediately but was unable to leave the aircraft until someone brought a suitable black outfit onto the plane for her to change into.

She then changed and was able to greet press as she left the airport.

This rule also applies to newsreaders who are required to wear black if they are reporting the death of a senior royal.