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22nd Oct 2018

‘Pokemoning’: the new dating trend that is legit so grim

Shift Happens


It’s nearing the end of 2018 which can only mean one thing…

Approximately 379 new dating trends have emerged over the past 10 or so months and each and every one of them is just as harrowing as the last.

‘Pokemoning’ is a special kind of beast though.

And we really wouldn’t want to catch ourselves on the receiving end of it.

According to Urban Dictionary, Pokemoning is pretty much what you expect it to be – collecting people for your own benefit.

See? We told you it’s grim.

UD says Pokemoning is:

“… the act of dating multiple partners (or having multiple friends) in order to collect all the desired traits that’s very likely to not exist in one single individual.”

How upsetting for all involved.

Is dating multiple people fine? Yeah of course it is. Is having a load of friends a good thing? Yeah obviously.

But Pokemoning is different in the sense that one person just isn’t enough and that a load of different people are needed just for a person to feel alright – which isn’t exactly ideal, tbh.

So, in order to ensure that Pokemoning does not become more of a thing than it already for some reason is, here’s a comprehensive list of things that you can do that isn’t Pokemoning somebody.

1. Appreciate people for their individual positives and negatives 

Look, seeing multiple people when you’re casually dating is grand. It’s so grand.

You’re not committed to anybody, nobody else is committed to anybody – it’s a lot of fun.

It only becomes not fun, however, when you’re so obsessed with finding The Perfect person to date that you require an amalgamation of different people on the go just to keep yourself satisfied.

No one’s perfect and trying to create a perfect person will ultimately lead to you being upset, disappointed, and with too many ride appointments to count.

It’s just not worth it.

2. Take a break from dating 

Just take a minute to yourself, consider your actions, figure out what it is you want and go on with your life.

But I already know what I want, you cry, I want all of these various attributes of a person via multiple people because I can’t fund somebody who has them all! 

If that is, indeed, the case, you might want to lower your expectations.

3. Stop being a dick 

Dating should be chill and fun, not a means to collect different people to satisfy different needs.

Take a step back, maybe. Calm it