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24th Jan 2022

Scottish dance sensation Lily Douglas has sadly passed away, aged 14

“My beautiful baby girl danced her way to heaven.”

Dance sensation and all-around superstar Lily Douglas has died at the age of 14.

The Scottish dancer, whose Instagram account has more than 104,000 followers, was popular with celebrities like Arlene Phillips and Lewis Capaldi. Last year, the artist was given the Pride of Scotland award and crowned a Teenager of Courage.

Lily suffered from a rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma that affects bones and the tissue around them. In 2018, Lily was given the all-clear, but sadly, the cancer returned to her lungs.

Lily attended Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary on January 14 to take part in a drug trial but unfortunately she suffered a brain bleed before doctors could begin the treatment.

The teenager was able to wake up and even began showing positive signs of recovery. However, Lily’s mother, Jane Douglas, 52, has since confirmed that the dancer passed away yesterday on January 23.

Taking to her daughter’s Instagram Live, Jane said: “My beautiful baby girl danced her way to heaven at 7.17 tonight, her heart failed but she was on the sofa at home cuddled into me where she wanted to be, she will leave a massive hole in my heart if love could have saved her she would have lived to a million years old. She is at peace and is finally in no more pain.”

She continued: “Even with cancer Lily lived her best life and was loved by everyone. I hope I made her proud. I was her mum, we were a great team… please keep Leon in your prayers, he will need lots of love and support, it’s not goodbye – she will be waiting on me it’s only time that will keep us apart. She looks so beautiful and peaceful and even died with her beautiful blonde hair.

“Thank you all for your love and support I could not have done this without you all.”

Among the thousands of condolences, singer Mackenzie Sol wrote: “I just can’t even read this post… I love you so much Lily. You have impacted so many lives. Including mine. I remember singing for you and just thinking omg this girl is an absolute hero. We all love you Lily. I never wanted to say these words. Rest In Peace beautiful girl.”

Similarly, Arlene Phillips, who credits Lily for inspiring her to go on I’m a Celebrity last year, said: “One of the bravest, most fearless girls is a little girl I know called Lily Douglas, she’s so fearless. I thought, here I am afraid of so many things. What better way can you push yourself than to do something like this?”