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22nd Oct 2021

WATCH: Parents see person walk past daughter’s crib in creepy baby monitor footage

Laura Grainger

If you need us, we’ll be hiding under the bed.

A mother has gone viral for showing the creepy moment she discovered someone walk past her baby daughter’s crib on the baby monitor.

Laura Honican, from Lexington, Kentucky said nobody else was in the house apart from herself, her fiancé and their dog – who were all in the same room at the time the footage was recorded.

In a series of TikTok videos, the mother explained how the family had settled down in the sitting room to watch a game. Her daughter was fussy with tiredness, so Laura took her upstairs to sleep in her crib for only the fifth time ever.

The parents have an iPad connected to their baby monitor, so they kept an eye on it as they watched the TV.

Laura said she suddenly got a bad feeling, which she’s unsure was the result of separation anxiety or mother’s instinct. Either way, it prompted her to go upstairs and retrieve her daughter.

When she explained this feeling to her fiancé, he suggested they look back over the baby monitor footage in case they missed something while glancing up and down at the TV.

The two of them watched as the mother could be seen entering the room, putting the baby down and exiting again. To the pair’s shock, about five minutes after Laura had left the room, a pair of legs walked past the foot of their baby’s crib.

@honicanlauraI am fucking terrified.

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“We looked at each other, obviously really freaked out,” Laura said. “My fiancé literally started shaking and crying.”

They called a family member who works in law enforcement, who told them to check the house. “Obviously, that’s the first thing we did,” she continued.

The mam explained that the window had been locked and there’s no other entrance to the room apart from the door. Their relative in law enforcement later came over to help them search the attic.

“No signs of a squatter, but we did find an unopened can of food. That’s a little concerning for me,” she said, adding that the can had an expiration date of February 2023.

As lots of users commented with theories of attic squatters and ghosts, the mam wanted to compare them to the couple’s initial reactions to the footage.

She said that while her first thought had been that someone was living in their house, her fiancé thought it was some type of spirit as he had grown up in a family home where there was a lot of paranormal activity.

“That’s no ghost. That’s a literal man,” one user wrote.

“Someone living in the attic,” said another.

“I would actually be relieved if it was a ghost and not a human omg,” another commented.

Laura said the couple are now searching for a new place to live as they no longer feel comfortable in the house, which they moved into in November 2020.