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27th Mar 2014

“Crazy Cat Lady” In Pennsylvania Had 260 Cats In Her Home

You're not as crazy as you thought.

If you think you’re crazy cat lady because you’d rather spend the weekend on the couch with Mr Whiskers than actually go out with a nice-smelling human, you’re wrong.

The real crazy cat lady lives in Pennsylvania with 206 cats. Well at least she did until law enforcement came in with masks to take the cats away.

The woman used to run a licensed animal shelter known as Animals in Crisis since 2002 but investigators say conditions inside her home were so deplorable and unsanitary that the officers had to wear respirators while removing the animals.

“Everything was neglected,” a former employee at the “shelter” said. Although the worker sent in a complaint before quitting, it had not received attention by authorities until very recently.

“Feces, urine, everywhere. It was just really awful, even for us to be working in.”