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15th May 2022

‘Cosmic chaos’ – 5 things to do during Mercury Retrograde season

Trine Jensen-Burke

Mercury retrograde

Things not quite going your way this past week or so?

Lost your keys or phone or anything else? Broken something? Running late? Forgotten something important? Ended up in an argument with someone? Technology acting up? Or things just simply feeling a bit ‘off’ kilter?

Blame the planets.

Or, in particular, blame one planet – namely Mercury.

Ever since May 10th, Mercury has been in its second backspin – or retrograde – of 2022, and if you believe in any way that the stars and planets have any influence over our lives here on Earth, well, then you will be well aware that Mercury being in retrograde can only mean one thing – cosmic chaos.

You know, the kind mentioned above – and then some.

And not due to end until June 3rd, this retrograde still has another couple of weeks left before astrological order is restored and we can once more breathe a sign of relief.

However, according to Yasmin Boland co-author of The Mercury Retrograde Book you don’t need to stay hiding under your bed every time Mercury enters into retrograde (which usually happens around three times every year – this year, we’ll have four Mercury retrogrades).

Nope, she argues – you can actually use this time to your favour – you just have got to know how.

In fact, Boland says, you can think of Mercury retrograde season as a mini cosmic reboot – a change to change things up, start over, press pause or simply take a step back and reconsider what has happened and what you want to happen going forward. This, she reveals, is the time for second chances, and the universe has a way of sending these things and situations your way – you just have to listen and take notice.

Things to do during Mercury Retrograde

Ready to embrace this Mercury Retrograde and make the most of it? Here are five things to try these next two weeks:

1. Tidy and declutter

Tidy surroundings equal a tidy – or at least tidier – mind.

Mercury retrograde’s press pause vibe makes this season ideal for a little reset and reconsider action – and what better place to start than your home. Clear out your wardrobe, purge your kitchen presses and fridge, take stock of your books and papers, detox your tech and social media – and you’ll soon feel like you are living with more clarity and less chaos – even in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde.

2. Always be prepared

Don’t take risks when you know the universe is messy right now. Leave 10 minutes before you need to leave – and avoid being stuck in traffic or having a stream of red lights delay your arrival at things. Write down important dates and happenings and don’t just rely on virtual calendars, make sure you bring a power bank with you for your phone when you leave home – the trick is to prepare for chaos, and you’ll most likely avoid it.

3. Pause

Now is the time to not rush and stress – and instead embrace living a little slower and more mindfully these next couple of weeks. Spend less time online, and more time IRL. Disconnect – from anything that drains your energy, be it people or places or situations. Do some yoga, take time to breathe, spend time in nature – and really just focus on the right now – the rest will fall into place when you get there.

4. Practise listening

Mercury Retrograde can cause all sorts of communication mishaps and misunderstandings – so this season, focus more on listening and taking in than talking and explaining.

5. Think twice

Mercury is spinning backwards (not really, it’s an optical illusion, but still), and so this time is the perfect time to allow yourself to look back – and learn from it. Seize this season to readjust, reassess and reconsider – and you might see there are things you can do differently or second chances that can be had – you just need to be open to learn from the past to change the future. And now is a great time to do so.