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23rd Feb 2016

Cork Woman’s Post About The Importance of SNA’s is The One Thing You Need to Read Today

The post has been shared thousands of times

Cassie Delaney

As we prepare to elect the government that will shape education in Ireland for the next number of years, one articulate Cork woman has shared a personal account of the need to SNAs.

Spotted by our bros at, Jessica Ní Mhaoláin took to Facebook to talk about her academic history.

The post begins with Jessica stating it is the eve of her Masters graduation. She then reveals that such a feat would not have been possible without the help of an SNA.

Jessica reveals that school was difficult due to a visual impairment which means she can only see approximately 5 feet in front of her.

She continues to say that until the help of an SNA in 1999, she had to rely solely on her hearing to learn.

“Simply put, I would not have finished primary school without the help of my SNA. I definitely would not have sat either my Junior or Leaving Cert without an SNA. Having an SNA put me on a level playing field with my classmates, simple as. Every child has a right to education, and it’s near impossible for a child to learn if they rely on sound alone” Jessica writes.

Jessica concludes the post by pleading to readers to remember the families who are in precarious situations as budget cuts reduce resources.

The post has been shared thousands of times.

Check it out below.

Tomorrow morning at 10am I will be conferred with a Masters in Government in UCC. This is my second conferring in two…

Posted by Jessica Ní Mhaoláin on Tuesday, 23 February 2016