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05th Nov 2018

A Cork girl filmed her granny’s reaction to trying fast food for the first time and it’s GOLDEN

Amy Nolan

A Cork girl filmed her granny's reaction to trying fast food for the first time and it's GOLDEN

Eva McCarthy filmed her eighty-three-year-old granny trying a variety of fast food items and now we all want to replicate the experiment.

If you’re lucky enough to have a grandparent in your life, you’ll know how special they are. There’s so much they can teach you, but there’s also modern revelations you can enlighten them on.

Eva McCarthy, a twenty-two-year-old student from Cork has a very special best friend, her eighty-three-year-old granny.

Eva says her granny is a firm favourite among friends on Snapchat and that she was inundated with requests to post more videos with nana, Margaret McCarthy. In a bid to please the masses with more nana-related content and to introduce her granny to something new, Eva bought a number of fast food items and filmed her granny’s reaction to sampling the new delicacies.

She posted the video on YouTube and uploaded an accompanying Instagram asking people to remember that her grandmother was accustomed to a traditional Irish diet, so the new cuisine might be a bit of a culture shock:

“Please bear in mind my granny is 83 years of age, who has lived off a strict diet of potatoes, with a side of meat, practically her whole life.”

Don’t we all wish we could be that disciplined!

Eva kicks off the taste-testing by placing a McDonald’s bag in front of her nana and asks, “do you know what’s in front of you?” Margaret hasn’t heard of it before but is willing to give it a go. Eva treated her granny to a Happy Meal, complete with chips, chicken nuggets and the all-important sweet chilli sauce. Nana Margaret is suspicious of the foreign condiment and says, “Oh, I wouldn’t touch that.”

Like a real trooper, she gives it a go but unfortunately isn’t a fan.

A Cork girl filmed her granny's reaction to trying fast food for the first time and it's GOLDEN

The vanilla milkshake Eva provided for her to wash down the chicken nuggets regrettably isn’t a big-hitter either.

Eva also bought her granny a hamburger, which created much confusion as to what meat it actually contained. “Ham?” Nana Margaret queries. “It’s beef”, Eva explains. Touché, we can understand that bemusement alright.

Eva’s granny also sampled pizza for the very first time! After struggling a little without her glasses to read the pizza box, and following a little tutorial from Eva on how to eat the slice, the verdict was in…

“Not bad.” – high praise indeed!

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For dessert, Eva brought M&S cookies, which turned out to be the firm favourite.

Eva assured viewers at the end of the video:

“I promise I’m not the worse granddaughter, she actually really enjoys making these videos. P.S. She did not get sick. x”

Intergenerational friendships can be so rewarding as Eva said when talking to Her:

“I genuinely don’t see her as my granny, she’s more of a best friend that I tell everything to, and it’s funny because she thinks she’s more dependent on me, but I rely on her just as much.”