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21st Oct 2018

A load of people fantasise about cuddling and yeah, same tbh

Jade Hayden



The most intimate of all the physical interactions.

You can take your shifting and your hand holding and your full blown sexual intercourse and do one because simply being held is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

It makes sense then that a load of people fantasise about cuddling, being cuddled, and everything in between.

There is no shame in that. It is simply human nature.

And according to data compiled by Superdrug, a considerable number of people are pretty into the idea of having a bit of a fantasise about having a spoon every now and again.

Can’t blame them, tbh.

The study showed that 21.5 percent of women and 16.8 percent of men have fantasised about cuddling in the past, with 38.5 percent of women also fantasising about kissing.

Almost one third of men also said they imagine kissing someone from time to time, with over 69 (oi oi) percent of them saying they fantasise about sex.

A slightly lower number of women (65 percent) said the same.

At the end of the day though, gender doesn’t really seem to discriminate when it comes to sexual fantasies with the majority of people saying that they regularly communicate their fantasies to their partners.

However, while men are slightly more likely to fantasise about having sex, women are more likely to fantasise about having sex with an ex.

Similarly, women are also more likely to imagine sleeping with a stranger than men are.

Honestly though, none of this sex talk really matters all that much because cuddling is the one and only physical interaction worth mentioning.

Or fantasising about, tbh.