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08th Nov 2015

Can You Help This Longford Man Track Down His Real-Life Cinderella?

Aaron wants to find his sole-mate.


If you were a brunette ‘stunner’ who happened to be in The Landmark Hotel in Carrick-On-Shannon, Leitrim last night, Aaron Flaherty might be looking for you.

Aaraon got in contact when he woke up this morning to realise he might just have met the love of his life last night (but didn’t get her number).

The Longford man was celebrating his aunt’s 30th birthday when he met a brunette girl who he describes as ‘stunning’. (Might not be the most helpful description in pinning her down, but it’s all we have to work with…)

In a strange Cinderella like moment, Aaron realised that when they parted company he still had one of her shoes.

Now he wants to find his sole-mate. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves)

Posting a snap of himself with the shoe, Aaron turned to us to see if he can track down his mystery girl:

cinderella feat

Speaking to, he said:

“I don’t know her name – it was like a Cinderella moment. I found the shoe afterwards.

“She was my Juliet… She was beautiful, I might have been too drunk to realise at the time, but hence my search with the shoe.”

We know there was likely a few hen parties about town, but if you, a girlfriend, or family member happened to talk to an Aaron from Longford – he’d love to pick up where you both left off.

Feel free to send us any tip-offs to [email protected] and we can pass them onto the man in waiting.