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29th May 2019

You can now build your own guesthouse in your back garden for six and a half grand

Jade Hayden

build your own guesthouse


Look, we know, a lot can be presumed from the above headline.

It suggests that you have six and a half grand to throw away on an online purchase. It also presumes that you’ve got a back garden or, you know, the desire to build yourself a genuine guesthouse out the back of it.

You’d need to have a few mates to make use of it first, wha?

Just kidding, we’ve all got loads of friends. Of course we do. And we’re sure they’d be more than delighted to spend an hour or two cooped up with us in 172 square foot of fun.

The guesthouse is currently being sold on Amazon for just $7,250 (about €6,500).

You build it yourself too so it essentially arrives as just a load of wood which you then put together in no more than eight hours. Allegedly.

The guesthouse can be used as an outdoor apartment, a studio, an office, a place to put all of your things because you’re paying 900 quid a month for a box room in the city centre.

Whatever you want. The guesthouse is your oyster.

Except, it isn’t really because like most good and decent things in this world, it doesn’t actually ship to Ireland.

Because of course it doesn’t. That would be silly.

This comes after a build-your-own sauna appeared on Amazon earlier this week. The structure comfortably fits four adults and means that any one of us can now get our sweat on in the comfort of our own back garden.

Except if we live in Ireland because, again, delivery.

You can check out the guesthouse in all its wooden glory here.