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25th Nov 2021

You can get now paid to taste test Christmas wine – sign us up, please

Katy Brennan

Yes, please, sign us up.

The search is over, we have found the dream job – a Christmas wine taster.

From warm mulled wine to a creamy glass of Baileys and even some prosecco, most of us go a little OTT on the booze at Christmas anyway – so why not get paid for it?

House of Townend, a family wine merchant, are looking for someone to fill the role of Christmas Wine Taster this year.

If you’re up for making the trip to Yorkshire (and who wouldn’t be for unlimited free wine, in fairness) the company are on the on the hunt now.

The successful candidate will be tasked with tasting some top-quality red wine and reporting back on the experience.

From aroma to flavour to texture, you’ll be required to provide feedback on a whole host of details – as well as offer some suggestions for improvement.

The job description highlights that “perseverance, dedication, and a refined palate” are essential.

It describes the ideal person as “someone who has a genuine passion for the Christmas holidays” and is “committed to making their Christmas Day lunch perfect with only the best wine”.

It’s also looking for someone who has experience in the world of wine tasting and is “well versed in the language and art of tasting”. Fingers crossed Friday nights in with a rom-com and a bottle of Tesco’s Finest counts.

The job is for one month only and you will work directly with the innovation and customer service team.

To apply, all you need to do is provide your name, age, and email address before 15 December here. And you need to be over 18, of course. A decision will be made on 16 December.

The job advertisement also notes: “Red wine is high in antioxidants and drinking moderate amounts has been shown to be good for health.”

Brb, pouring a glass now.