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29th Oct 2022

You can get paid to be an advent calendar tester

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas is less than two months away, and if you’re anything like me, it means it pretty much starts now.

While some of us refuse to start getting into the festive spirit until December, others like to get things organised before then.

And one thing you definitely need organised before December is an advent calendar, so it’s ready to go by the first.

UK based company Liberty is now offering one lucky person to become the first ever advent calendar tester, giving you the chance to test out either their 2022 Beauty Advent Calendar or the 2022 Men’s Advent Calendar.

So if you’re mad about your beauty and want to get a chance at trying out some luxury, this is definitely for you.

Liberty wants someone to test the products they’re planning to go into the Liberty Advent Calendar which includes everything expert-led skincare to handy handbag essentials.

This includes some majorly popular brands like 111SKIN and UOMA.

So how do you apply to take part? Firstly all you need to do is simply fill in the application form on this link, and then just make sure you apply within the closing date, it’s that easy.

The winner will then be sent the famous liberty calendar which retails at £245 and hs contents worth over £1,000 and it’s all completely free.

To apply to get eth men’s calendar, you do the exact same thing, but this one is worth over £800, retailing at £235.

The ideal candidate will then have the option to give the company feedback on a range of beauty and grooming products, from therapeutic treatment masks and radiating creams to luscious lip balms, quality cleansers, and relaxing candles.