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12th May 2022

Bride and groom praised for interesting way they decided on surname

Katy Brennan

That’s one way of doing it.

When it comes to getting married, deciding whether or not you want to take your partner’s name can sometimes require a lot of thought.

Now, a bride and groom have gone viral after sharing the interesting way in which they chose their surname. This couple decided to flip a coin on their big day to see which name they would both take – his or hers.

@diaryofasolotraveler, a guest at the wedding, posted a video of the moment to TikTok with the caption: “POV your friends decide whose last name they are taking by flipping a coin at the altar.”

The user later posted an updated video, saying that the groom had won the coin flip, hence the big smile on his face once the result was announced.

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People rushed to the comments to share their opinions.

“See, that’s fair,” one person wrote.

“Wait that’s hilarious,” another added.

“This is about to start a new norm,” a third said.

Meanwhile, another user warned: “If you’re competitive, don’t do this!”

The video has since been watched almost 2 million times and racked up 235,000 likes.

While the idea seems pretty unique, it turns out the couple aren’t the only newlyweds to have done something like this.

“My parents did this! We all have my mom’s name now,” one user explained.

“My parents kept their last names, but my last name was chosen by rock paper scissors,” another wrote.

A third said: “One of my professors had a kickball game between her and his family the day of the rehearsal to determine last name. Her family won.”

We love to see it.

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