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03rd Mar 2019

These are the kind of humans that dog people are attracted to

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mind birds.

They’re grand, like… but they can be noisy, and annoying, and just generally… boring? (Bird people, please don’t hurt me).

Anyway, according to Cosmo, a new survey found that a fair amount of dog owners are attracted to bird owners – 10 percent, in fact.

Dog food brand Ollie conducted the study and saw that if you have a pet bird, some people will be more attracted to you. Interesting.

A few more fun facts were found in the survey – like 42 percent of couples who own a dog said that they love their pet more than they do their spouse whereas 31 percent love their partner more.

Surprisingly, 33 percent said they would be turned off someone if they had a cat (poor cats).

Meanwhile, 34 percent of those who are single said that they have used their dog to meet people. Seventy percent said they consider it a turn on when someone has a dog in their dating profile and 74 percent of people said they think it would be fun to include their dog on a first date.