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15th Jul 2017

Want to bring your bottle of wine on a lovely bicycle ride? No problemo

We do not condone this sort of carry on.

Darragh Berry

Is that not where the water bottle is meant to go?

There is nothing like a good bicycle ride through the countryside to clear your head. When you’re pedalling away with the wind in your hair, you’re in a world of your own.

However, this cyclist felt that the beautiful countryside cycle needed an extra kick and decided to bring along something for the ride…

Twitter user Mary Anderson, with the handle @molltrot spotted this in Inishbofin and couldn’t help but take a quick snap to share with her followers.

She wrote: “I s*it you not, outside hostel in Inishbofin.”

Now, while it’s easy to just assume the cyclist is drinking wine from the Pinot Grigio bottle, there might just be a simple explanation for this like, all the water bottles were gone missing and this was the only one lying around the place.

However, if it looks like wine and is in a wine bottle well, you do the maths. We do not condone this sort of carry on. Never, ever, drink and cycle.