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17th Nov 2015

BeLongTo Report A 100% Increase In LGBT Young People Using Their Services

Another positive outcome from the recent same sex marriage referendum

Ellen Tannam

The referendum in May was a critical moment for the LGBT people of Ireland and worldwide. For a country which had only decriminalised homosexuality 23 years earlier, it was a massive leap in the fight for LGBT rights here and worldwide.

Yesterday, LGBT youth group BeLonG To announced they had seen a 100% increase in the numbers of LGBT young people & parents seeking support since the referendum last May. This increase is another successful outcome of the referendum campaign and reflects a new openness amongst Irish families in talking about being LGBT.

For many, it took a huge watershed moment like the referendum to finally be able to come to terms with identifying on the LGBT spectrum. Seeing more LGBT figures making themselves visible in the media and witnessing canvassers knocking on doors in their local area has been invaluable for many in the country in terms of feeling represented and accepted. BeLongTo have published an ebook about the development and progress of their Yes campaign and the role it played in mobilising young people (and supportive family members) to secure a Yes vote this May.  

The eBook, written by Anna Carey is  available for download from:

front cover

Moninne Griffith, Executive Director of BeLonG To, said: ‘We are delighted to have this beautiful book as a record of the amazing work done by our coalition partners, young people, their parents in BeLonG To Yes Campaign. This generation of young people will be forever associated with the marriage equality win and it is so important that we record the role they played in making that happen for the history books.’

It is important that we continue to acknowledge the hard work and passion of young LGBT people, across all genders, social classes and races and continue to highlight the vital role they played in achieving marriage equality in this country.

It’s also important to keep in mind that discrimination against LGBT people still occurs, but there is support out there.

You can contact The Gay Switchboard,  BeLongTo, or the LGBT society in your college or university.