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29th Aug 2014

Beauty Queen Loses Title For Being “Dishonest”, Runs Away With The Crown

You couldn't write this.

Sue Murphy

In a story that you actually couldn’t write as a work of a fiction, a beauty queen from Myanmar has lost her title for being “dishonest” but managed to take off with the tiara.

According to BBC News, the woman in question was stripped of her title by South Korean organisers who claimed she was ungrateful and dishonest.

Organisers have released a statement saying that May Myat Noe, who won the Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 competition in Seoul, had “lied” to them and didn’t show them respect. There were no further details about her conduct.

Ms May was flown to South Korea to prepare to become a contestant in a reality television pop series. However, she has been stripped of her title.

“She lied a lot to us about many things. Our past queens also complained – because of her, their reputations will suffer,” organisers told the AFP news agency reports.

“We cannot manage her. We are very angry but we don’t want a bad relationship between the Korean and Myanmar people.”

They have also told Associated Press that Ms. May made off with the tiara from the vent which is apparently worth about 100,000 dollars.

It is believed that Ms. May has returned to her home country.

Image via BBC.


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