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26th May 2024

Millionaire builds 99 homes to reduce homelessness in his town


Canadian millionaire tackles homelessness

Marcel LeBrun, a millionaire based in eastern Canada, has gone viral for his heroic effort of building 99 “tiny homes” to help the fight against homelessness.

It’s believed the multi-millionaire sold his company for an eight figure sum, and decided to put $4 million of that money to good use.

The town of Fredericton in New Brunswick has at least 1,800 people who found themselves homeless for at least one day in 2022 according to CBC.

LeBrun has invested big bucks in developing what he calls the ’12 Neighbours’ gated community, which will ultimately consist of 99 tiny homes for people looking to get back on their feet.

Rear view of a homeless man begging for money. (Photo credit: Getty)

Fighting homelessness in Fredericton

As the name suggests, these tiny homes are not the most spacious in the world.

They come with space for a kitchen, a small bed space and a bathroom, along with some decking out front and some solar panels on the roof.

But in the fight against homelessness, the most important thing is putting a roof over someones head and ensuring their safe and warm.

A tiny house being built in a warehouse (Photo credit: CBC)

Government backs homelessness cause

After about 70 of the 99 tiny homes were built, the 12 Neighbours community secured an extra $12 million in government grants to help get them over the line.

Speaking to CBC, LeBrun explained why he was doing this:

“I see myself as a community builder, and really what we’re doing here is not just building a little community, but we’re building a community in a city, like how do we help our city be better?”

In addition to the 99 houses, the initiative includes a community centre ran by the local residents with a coffee shop to boot.

There’s also plans for a ‘teaching kitchen’ and a silk printing business for people to work in.

LeBrun shows no sign of stopping either, saying in last year that they could fill 200 homes if they had the space.

The millionaire also confirmed that guided tours of the gated community are given once a month, often by community members.

It seems Fredericton’s guardian angel isn’t short of generosity or a good idea.