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23rd Nov 2016

Barack Obama’s tribute to Bruce Springsteen during Medal of Freedom ceremony is very touching

It would move a heart of stone.

From one boss to another.

Barack Obama’s speech when handing over the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres was one of the most touching moments of his tenure, and he did it again when honouring a true giant of the musical landscape.

Speaking about Bruce Springsteen, he said: “As a songwriter, a humanitarian, America’s rock and roll laureate, and New Jersey’s greatest ambassador, Bruce Springsteen is, quite simply, The Boss.

“Through stories about ordinary people, to Vietnam veterans to steel workers, his songs capture the pain and the promise of the American experience. With his legendary E Street Band, Bruce Springsteen leaves everything on stage in epic, live, communal live performances that have rocked audiences for decades.

“With empathy and honesty, he holds up a mirror to who we are, as Americans chasing our dreams, and as human beings trying to do the right thing. There’s a place for everyone in Bruce Springsteen’s America.”

Earlier, he spoke about DeGeneres in the most glowing, and warmest, of terms.