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16th Apr 2019

Animal farm appeal for help after 3-week-old bunny stolen

Olivia Hayes

This is so sad.

An animal farm in Somerset in the UK are appealing for help and information after a three-week-old bunny was stolen from its property.

Staff at Animal Farm Adventure Park are now offering a reward of £250 if they baby rabbit is returned to them.

The carers are worried that it won’t survive without its mother as it still needs milk from her to survive and rabbit milk cannot be replicated.

A spokesperson told Metro: “They are still on milk, and rabbit milk cannot be replicated. Anything that is being used as a substitute will not last and it will get sick and die very soon.”

It’s also feared that the cold temperatures the UK is experiencing right now will mean the rabbit will decline at a rapid rate if exposed.

The farm has said that the person who took the rabbit can return it anonymously, and no questions will be asked. They just want it home safe.

It is also not thought that a child took the rabbit because the fence it was behind is too high to reach over. Staff are also waiting overnight at the farm in case the animal is returned.