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13th Aug 2022

What is an ‘angel shot’ and ‘ask for Angela’ and why is it so important?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We should all be aware.

In the world of online dating and meeting up with someone you’ve never met before, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.

While no one should have to worry about anything that could go wrong, the sad truth is that a lot of the time, people want to take extra precautions to ensure they feel safe and comfortable on dates.

We send our friends pictures of our outfits and tell them exactly where we’re going, even sending our location directly to them to be extra safe, but one phenomenon might just be the most important.

‘Angel shots’ and ‘Ask For Angela’ have been around for a while now, but have recently been pushed again on social media to remind anyone who needs it that it is an option – and it’s not just for women.

The concept is when you’re at a bar on a date and you become worried about their intentions or feel you’re in danger, you either order an angel shot or ask to speak to Angela at the bar.

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If the bartender knows what you’re talking about, they’ll immediately know you’re looking for help and will assist you out of the bar and home safely by calling a taxi and sneaking you out.

Angel shots are more common in the US, with some bars asking how you would like it served with different types being code for different things.

Asking for it neat or straight up indicates that you need to be escorted to your car or taxi. Asking for it on the rocks or with ice indicates you need them to call you a taxi. Asking for it with lime or with a twist means you need the server to call the police.

This one is more commonly used in the US but is making its way across the Atlantic, but in the UK and Ireland, Ask For Angela is more known.

This is when you ask the waiter or bartender to speak to Angela, or if Angela is working. This lets them know something isn’t right and they will pull you aside safely to figure out how to help further.

Many bars will have details posted in women’s bathrooms, informing customers if the system is used there but in the era of social media, many young people behind a bar will be familiar with this.

Many bars in Ireland have taken this scheme on, and it has grown across the country in recent years, but there are hopes it will become a given in all bars.