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13th Feb 2014

“Ah Sure, It’s The Little Things” – Simple Pleasures That Make It All Better

Happy faces all round.

It really is the little things that matter most. When you’re having a bad day and literally nothing is going your way, it’s the small gestures that make all the difference.

If it’s a really emotional day then a friendly smile might open the floodgates and if you’re at that stage, there’s no holding back, much like this little guy.


The below guarantee big cheesy grins…

A Cuppa Made By Someone Else

This might seem like a really small gesture but it can make the world of difference to how someone is feeling. In the words of Dolly Parton, ‘working 9-5’ isn’t always a bed of roses and when you’re handed a mug of scald that you didn’t make yourself, things suddenly seem that little bit brighter.

Hot Water Bottles

Again, a teeny tiny thing that costs €3 at the most but where would you be without it? Admit it, that fluffy teddy/dog/cat/(insert relevant animal here) hot water bottle from Penneys is one of your best ever purchases.


Unexpected Texts

When your phone lights up with a message from a significant other or a best friend, you’re sure to smile. It might be making plans for the weekend, a shared joke or simply to say they miss you…that’s your day made.

Bargain Buys

We’re talking cheap as chips here, not the splurging that leaves you feeling guilty for a week after you hand over the plastic. There’s nowhere better to get a bargain than Penneys. Go in, spend a tenner and you will leave smiling from ear to ear. We love that place.



Those of us that have a sweet tooth will identify with this one, chocolate and its happy endorphins definitely have a special place in our hearts.



Whether it’s a catch up with a friend on the phone or a catch up on your favourite TV series, devoting a few minutes every day to doing something you enjoy is a necessity. If you’re the type that can talk the hind legs off a donkey, it might take more than a few minutes but we all love a good natter.

Pet Time

If you’re an animal person then you’ll understand their capacity for unconditional love. Sometimes you just need a few minutes with a cuddly friend who doesn’t answer back. Just look at this face…