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15th Feb 2019

A quiz can tell where in Ireland or the UK you’re from and it’s very accurate

A quiz can tell where in the Ireland or the UK you’re from and people are going MAD.

So, you know the way there’s a life long battle with how to pronounce scone? Some people say it like ‘on‘ and other people say it like ‘own‘ (it’s the latter, btw).

We all know that no matter where you come from in Ireland, we all say things differently. Whether you’re from a small village or big town, we have idiosyncrasies that are unique to each other, and we suppose that’s what makes Ireland so special.

We also have unique slang words that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else, and someone hailing from Dublin will have no clue what someone from Donegal is speaking about.

The New York Times has decided to created an Ireland and England dialect quiz and everyone has gone mad for it today.

Depending on what answers you give, the quiz will determine where you’re from, and so far from trying it in the office, it seems to be pretty accurate.

You can take the quiz on The New York Times website here, but make sure to let us know how you got on.

And everyone has a funny remark to make about the quiz, we particularly love Lidl’s Ireland take on it.