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28th May 2016

This lads date was going downhill fast so his pals intervened…

First dates are awkward enough at the best of times.

Where to go? What to say? What to wear?

It’s not unusual to enlist the help or advice of your friends. Unfortunately, things only went from bad to worse for Jimmy Hend when he went on a date recently with a girl he met on a night out.

Despite being stoked for the date beforehand, Jimmy’s lacklustre conversation resulted in him and his date being glued to their phones.

Jimmy texts into his group WhatsApp group for advice and instead of offering anything of worth, the lads dare Jimmy to get more and  more brazen.

We admire the patience Jimmy’s date displayed during his antics, we can’t stay we’d have stayed around for dessert.

Jimmy uploaded his end of the conversation to Imgur. We’d love to see what she was sending to her friends.

Hope your boys will be there to keep you warm Jimmy!

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