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26th Aug 2016

9 chocolate bars from our childhood that we miss

Brought to you by Crunchie.

Bring them back now!

Some things from our childhoods are better left in the past (I’m looking at you velour tracksuits and bad frizzy hair), but there are others that we wish we could relive over and over again.

For me, that mostly centres around food.

Anyone who grew up with a sweet tooth in ’90s Ireland will know that sadly many of our favourite bars are no longer on the market.

It’s time to take a trip down a very chocolatey memory lane.


Here are the 9 chocolate bars from our childhood that we miss the most.

1. Snow Flakes 

These absolute beauties were the best things going. A perfect combo of crumbly white and milk chocolate. Absolute perfection.


2. TAZ

You may have noticed that we have a fondness for Freddos in the office. But we also used to love their sister bar TAZ. They were the perfect size for an afternoon snack…or, in my case, the perfect size to eat a multipack of.

3. Echo

Ah, the Echo bar, a firm family favourite. No matter whose house you went to they always seemed to have them in the press.  They were unreal with a cup of tea and you knew you were having a good day if you spied one in your lunchbox.


4. Spira 

Spira were something else. The spiral shaped hollow chocolate bar was a perfect hybrid of a Flake and a Galaxy Ripple. Long may it rest in peace.

5. Toffo

Okay, so not technically a bar, but I mean, come on, they were class. Toffo sweets were HUGE! You could always rely on your Granny to have a cheeky packet hiding in her handbag, while advising “careful and mind your teeth now.”

6. Flyte bars

They were almost the same as a Milky Bar, but I’m still convinced they were better. Flyte bars had a nougat-style centre and were covered in chocolate making them undeniably great.

7. Kit Kat Senses

Ah Cheryl, how times have changed eh? You may recall that Girls Aloud were the stars of the Kit Kat Senses ad that got us all obsessing over them. As soon as we saw that ad we were running to the corner shop to stock up, it’s just a bonus that they actually tasted really nice.

Relive the glory days below.


5901977712_453421e5bc_b (1)

8. Kit Kat Caramac

The slightly lesser known variation of the Kit Kat bar. It combined our two greatest chocolate loves, Kit Kat and Caramac, into one glorious super bar. Bow down to the chocolate master.


9. Cadbury’s Dream

What can we say? It was white chocolate heaven. The good news is you can still get your grubby little mitts on this chocolatey delight in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Time to make some phone calls.

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