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17th Jul 2019

There’s no place like home. The 8 must-haves for the perfect summer home movie night

Anna Daly

movie night

Brought to you by Keogh’s Farm Hand Popped popcorn

Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

For movie night supplies, that is.

Movie nights are typically autumn or winter affairs, where you snuggle up with a cosy movie and hot chocolate, but we think summer movie nights have their own appeal. Especially in Ireland where, let’s face it, you’re going to have plenty of rainy days whether it’s summer or not.

Though we do think that summer movie nights need to be their own thing. Summer is for parties so these movie nights need to have a little bit of extra flair, while still staying comfy and relaxing. We’ve hosted our fair share of movie nights during the summer and here are the things we think are absolutely necessary for a top quality night at the home movies.

1. Popcorn

I mean, obviously. Is ANY movie night complete without popcorn? ‘No’ is the answer. You can’t go wrong with the classic salted popcorn but for these summer dos we love popcorn with a bit of a twist. Keogh’s popcorn drizzled with real Irish honey does the trick for us and gives us that yummy sweet and salty mix (so delish!) or you can spice things up with their Sweet Chilli and Cherry Tomato flavour instead. For those of you who are partial to the old traditional sea salt they have that too, of course! So we suggest picking up a few bags of everything – that gang will thank you for it.

2. Cushions everywhere

It’s the summer so you don’t need to be snuggled right up under blankets the whole time. That doesn’t mean comfort should be out though – make a huge cushion bed on the ground that everyone can lie on and then put more cushions on it to lean against and snuggle up with. if you’ve got bean bags lying around, use those too. Comfort is key.

3. Feel-good movies

Okay, obviously the movie decision is up to you and whoever you’re inviting, but we stand by always going for feel-good movies for that big summer movie night. Horror just doesn’t really cut in when it’s still light outside, documentaries are better with a small group, and sad movies can kind of put a damper on the atmosphere. That being said, we’re very partial to a Titanic showing, so we guess sad movies get a pass if they’re also romances.

Essentially, a summer movie night is best when you don’t have to think too much about what you’re watching.

4. Cocktails/mocktails

Do away with the classic Coke and Fanta – summer movie nights are for going all out with the beverages. Make some proper summery and fruity cocktails so serve while you’re all watching the movie. Of course, you may want to stay away from the alcohol so that you have command of your all your senses while watching the wonderful dramas unfold, so mocktails work just as well. As long as it’s sweet and fruity, you’re all good.

5. Proper Pyjamas

It may sound like something you’d do in sleepovers of the past but that’s what makes it fun. Get out your best PJs and comfy slippers and get everyone else to do the same. We know that group sleepovers don’t happen as much when you reach a certain age but we can still PRETEND that we’re that young. It’s all we have left.

6. Bites and nibbles for dinner

Of course, popcorn is always going to be the main event at a movie night but it’s also good to give people a bit of savoury food too. It’s awkward to sit around with big plates of food and pizza can feel a little overdone (okay pizza is never overdone but still, better to mix it up every once in a while).

A great option is to put together lots of little nibbles and spread them out on big plates and platters. We’re talking mini samosas, mini pizza bites (see? We’re still getting that pizza in), mozzarella sticks, garlic bread, whatever you like really. It gives the night a classier tone than everyone digging into pizza and we think light bites feel more summery anyway.

7. Good speakers

Okay, so you may have a fancy TV with the best surround sound speakers available but, if you don’t, it’s worth bringing in some extra sound support. If you don’t have really good-quality speakers, ask someone else to bring them. No one likes metallic-sounding voices or the noise crackling when it gets too loud. Place a few speakers around the room if you can for that ultimate cinema experience.

8. A projector

Okay, this isn’t a must-have because, you know, projectors are super expensive and not worth buying for one movie night. However, if you already have one in the house or have been planning on investing in one for a while, definitely go for it. It really enhances the movie experience and watching a movie on a projector gives us those summer vibes. Probably because it reminds us of movie drive-ins. Prime summer movie scene.

There you go. With those nine things under your belt, you’re guaranteed the perfect summer movie night. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Brought to you by Keogh’s Farm Handpopped popcorn