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18th Aug 2023

‘I’m amazed by what I’m capable of’ – how 71-year-old Lily Leppla changed her life with ‘minor changes’

“To put it simply, age is just a number to me now”

Entering my 70s was a momentous time in my life. I suddenly started to notice a difference in both my health and lifestyle. I started to struggle to climb the stairs and felt breathless more than ever before. My confidence also started to fade. I was covering up more and more and lost interest in my sense of style.

My lack of motivation with my appearance made me feel discontented and low. Each morning, I’d awake feeling grumpy and unhappy. Like others, I spent years trying fad lifestyle trends, but nothing ever worked for me. These changes only ever made me feel worse than I did before. All I ever wanted was to feel good in my own skin and to feel healthy and comfortable.

I didn’t want to feel lethargic and drained or breathless anymore. I wanted to feel fit, healthy, and positive and now I do.

I’ve made minor changes to my life, but they’ve had the greatest impact. Not only do I feel healthier, but I also have a better social life and a more positive outlook each day. I could never have anticipated the increase in energy I would experience or the incredible support I would find in the Herbalife community. It’s given me a boost physically and socially, and on top of that, my mindset is healthier too.

I no longer feel like a drained woman in her 70s. The results that I have achieved since beginning my journey are truly remarkable. When I began, my metabolic age was 85 but now it’s in the 40s. I’ve also gone from a dress size of 20, to 12.

I’ve reached a point where I prioritise my happiness and wear whatever makes me feel good. At the age of 71, I feel comfortable wearing outfits that not every woman my age would feel comfortable wearing. Gone are the days of hiding behind concealing clothing at weddings or special occasions.

I may be 71, but I’m constantly meeting new friends through Herbalife Nutrition Clubs. It has become my happy place and has had an impact on my social life in ways I never expected at my age. I feel supported with a strong network and I am empowered by the friendships I’ve made. It’s like a large extended family where we all encourage and support each other on our health and wellness journeys.

I’m constantly amazed by what I’m capable of now and have no doubt that my life is significantly better as a result.