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24th Nov 2016

7 body positive Instagram accounts you should be following

Accounts that will actually make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

Brought to you by Sally Hansen.

Instagram you old devil.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a bit of Instagram. My nightly trawl through the explore pages is ashamedly one of my favourite parts of the day.

But have you ever stopped and wondered how your social media habits are actually affecting your self-confidence and body image?

How many pages do you follow that make you feel crap about your body? How many pages give you a pang of guilt about your eating habits? Ladies enough is enough.

We’re all about inspirational Instagram pages but make sure you’re following ones that make you feel proud and motivated not disappointed and sad.

We teamed up with the body confidence gurus over at Sally Hansen to create a list of some great accounts you need to be following. Here are six Instagram accounts that will do your mind (and news feed) a lot of good.

Celeste Barber 

Celeste Barber is by far one of the funniest women on Instagram. The comedy legend recreates famous celeb photos but in a much more realistic way. Her account serves as a reminder that not everything is as glamorous in real life as it appears on social media, plus she always has us cracking up with her witty captions. Celeste we salute you.

Eff Your Beauty Standards

This fab account celebrates all bodies and all people. It was set up by plus-size model Tess Holliday and is now ran by a group of 7 ladies and a fella. The page promotes self-love and a positive outlook on life. It’s full of people of all shapes and sizes. We love!

Project Heal

Project Heal is a non-profit organisation that raises money for eating disorder treatment. The page is absolutely packed with lots of lovely quotes and inspirational messages about the real meaning of beauty.

Happy #WorldKindnessDay ? Never underestimate the power of kindness, no matter how small. ? @thepouf

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Winnie Harlo

Winnie Harlow is an absolute Goddess. The supermodel shot to fame a few years ago and since then she has walked on catwalks all over the world. Her Instagram is packed full of lots of body positivity (as well as some serious style inspo). 

“Hey Zaddy?” @faustopuglisi_wow

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Swimsuits For All

This fab account does exactly what it says on the tin. Swimsuits For All promotes the idea that no matter what your shape or size you should never be ashamed to put on your togs and go for a dip. They showcase lots of lovely bikinis as well as the fab women wearing them.

Style Me Curvy

Louise O’Reilly is one of Ireland’s best-known bloggers and a stunning curvy model to boot. Louise’s account is full of lots of great style tips, lovely close up shots and tonnes of advice that will no doubt boost your self confidence. 

Anastasia Amour

Anastasia Amour is a body image and self-esteem coach. After overcoming an eating disorder and two emotionally abusive relationships, Anastasia has a newfound self-love and is demonstrating it all through her gorgeous Instagram. If you love looking at pretty things then this is the account for you.

?As I write this, I’ve got tears in my eyes. These are words from my poem ‘My Body, My Home’ (which you can find on my website) and the realisation that my body is my piece of the universe that I’ve been given to live in was one of the biggest turning points of my recovery. ?? ⠀ It was when I realised that I was a soul within a body, not just a body that was a prison.? It was when I realised that I had the power to choose who I invited into my home. It was when I realised that I wasn’t a good homeowner. It was when I realised that I’d allowed myself to be taken advantage of. ⠀ ‼️It was when I realised that everything that I needed was always within me. ‼️⠀ ⠀ It changed everything, and I’m so grateful for that realisation. ?? ⠀ Creating these self-love cards was a truly cathartic experience and I love all 50 of them (and I adore seeing y’all using and loving them too! ?)… but this one, this one holds a special place in my heart.⠀ ⠀ (PS – If you’d like your own cards, you can get a set here: ? ?If you grab a 2nd set for a loved one, you’re able to get free worldwide shipping ?✈️?) #gratitude #positivityiskey #nourishnotpunish

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This article is brought to you by Sally Hansen.

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Main image courtesy of Anastasia Amour on Instagram.