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18th Feb 2019

This 5-bedroom house for sale in Killiney has the slickest interior and wow


Denise Curtin

Le rêve.

Now and again, we gawk on Daft to swoon and fawn over the houses and properties we one day dream of owning.

From the interior to the kitchen, high ceilings to doors, it takes a lot to impress us millennial folk but then, a house comes along that ticks all the boxes and we could move in without changing a thing.

Well, besides our paycheques so we could actually afford this one.

Going for €1.3 million, this five-bedroom house on Church Road, Killiney, Co Dublin, is nothing short of stunning, with endless natural light, dreamy interiors, plenty of space and the perfect location to spend your weekends.

The property was only listed today and we already know it’s going to move fast. Want a look at what all our fuss is about?

Master bedroom

Looks like a hotel suite.


One of five beautifully decorated and spacious bedrooms.


Light fixture appreciation for this one.


Minimalistic, bright and clean – goals.


Again, a contemporary, bright space with a breakfast bar as well as a table with a view.

Dining room

Another part of the open plan kitchen, however, more of a formal setting for entertaining friends and family.

Sitting room

Built-in fire, colourful rugs, chairs and, a plant… a millennial’s dream.


A better look at this slick space.

Chill out space

Another area for relaxing, entertaining friends or, enjoying the sunshine during the summer.


Chic and clean, an area to get away and get stuff down while remaining under the same roof.

Back garden

Think of the BBQs here.

A true haven. You can check out the listing and more images here.

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