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13th Sep 2019

21 pictures of baby seals that will make you forget all about the futility of existence

baby seals


Right lads, it’s Wednesday evening and you know what that means.

Baby seals. Loads of them.

Baby seals are great because they are adorable, fluffy, and very unassuming.

For example, you would never assume that they would grow up to become giant adult seals who attack beautiful penguins for food and sustenance yet here we are.

Before they become the bloodthirsty boys of the sea though, they’re cute, so let’s just focus on that via 21 photos of them being cute.


(*Disclaimer: Not all of the below seals are babies. I know this. Please do not email me about it.)

1. Innocence 

2. Chill

3. Bravery

4. Neck

5. Alone

6. Painfully cute

7. Who goes there?

8. Smug

9. Oh

10. Large

11. Hiding

12. Squint 

13. Oi oi

14. Afraid 

15. What

16. Tranquil 

17. Serenity 

18. Inquisitive

19. Scared

20. Boyo

21. Ayyyye