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18th Mar 2014

19-Year-Old Dies From Cervical Cancer After Doctors Refuse A Smear Test

Terribly sad news.

Sophie Jones, from Eastham, Wirral, died of cervical cancer after she was refused a smear test, according to her family today.

The teenager passed away on Saturday morning, having been diagnosed with cancer in November.

Doctors originally thought she had Crohn’s disease as Sophie was suffering from severe stomach pains.

She had asked for a cervical smear, as reported by the Telegraph, but was told she was too young to have cervical cancer.

Health professionals told the family that the lower age limit for screening is 25 because the condition in girls under that age is so rare.

Sophie’s condition quickly deteriorated and when she was admitted to hospital, further tests detected the cancer which had spread to other parts of her body.

Her family have launched a petition entitled Sophie’s Choice , which has gained 140,000 signatures since it was set up on Saturday, calling for a parliamentary debate into lowering the age limit for cervical screening.

Sophie’s sister Steph paid tribute to the 19-year-old, saying “She was just the life and soul of everything, and just lit the place up. She was always a very calming influence on everyone around her, and she loved being with her friends.

“This should never, ever have happened to her.”

She added: “Sophie said she would fight it all the way to the end. She was still in high spirits even on the morning she died.”

Image via Cavendish Press