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13th Feb 2017

If you went on holiday in Ireland as a child, these 12 things DEFINITELY happened

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Emma lahiffe

Going on your holliers as a child was a very special thing.

Piling the entire family into the car and taking off on the roads-less-signposted always made for a great adventure.

Whether you spent your summers in Trabolgan or Tramore, some of these should ring true for you. Here are 12 things that happened on every childhood holiday in Ireland.

1. Your family never left the house…

Without the windbreaker. Brought on every trip to the beach, you spent half the day running around after it. It never stayed planted in the ground. And it didn’t block much wind, either.


2. You had huge rows in the car… 

Chinese burns, dead legs and dead arms were the order of the day. You suffered through them all. And came out a stronger person on the other side.


3. You got changed outside of the car in the wind…

Before racing your brothers and sisters into the freezing cold sea.

Friends playing in waves on beach

4. You enjoyed sandy hang sangwiches…

And tae from a flask on a windy beach. You made the best sandcastles ever. And you were always sad when they were washed away by the sea.


5. You shared a bed…

With a sibling in a caravan or mobile home. Hotels? Pfft, no way. This was the 90s. #notions


6. You got your face painted…

And had one of these thread wraps put in your hair. You were totally traumatised when it had to be cut out before you went back to school.


7. You wore all of the following items of clothing…

To make the perfect summer outfit.


8. And you accessorised each of your holiday looks…

With these pieces of jewellery:

90s accessories image

9. You spent all of of your pocket money…

On these machines in the arcade. And you never won a penny.


10. 99s were the best treat ever…

Until someone dropped theirs on the ground. Rapidly followed by tears. And a new cone.

Dropped Ice Cream

11. You collected the callcards…

Your Mam used to phone home from the campsite payphone.


12. The wave pool in Trabolgan…

Was your favourite thing ever.