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30th Mar 2018

12 anonymous Irish women reveal their weirdest turn-ons

Anna O'Rourke

Because we all have one, right?

Look, everyone experiences things in their own unique way and as such, no two of us are the same.

One woman’s trash is another’s treasure and never is this more true than when it comes to turn-ons.

The sight of a man in a suit, for example, can either induce sweating or swooning in a woman, depending on what you’re in to.

As the top investigative journalists that we are, we decided to ask around the office and find out what strange things get motors running for the Her ladies.

Here’s a selection of the answers – try not to judge, we’re an odd bunch.

“A back-pack…  I mean, what’s in the bag?”

“A man reading. I’m an avid fan of this Insta page…”

“I really think there’s nothing better than a man in a nice jumper. Our generation is all Alfie Moon shirts and ‘snapbacks’ but what’s wrong with corduroys and a well fitted jumper?”

“Imperfect teeth, not like f*cked up teeth but just a little imperfection.”

“Attractive forearms: Must have some dark hair but not too much. Only attractive in shirt-wearing men.”

“I really like when guys button their collar up to their neck.”

“If they like things ‘men wouldn’t normally like’ such as Made in Chelsea or chick flicks.”

“Tight tracksuit pants.”

“Snickers work pants, regardless of whoever’s wearing them. They’re very manly.”

“Someone who orders something adventurous in a restaurant.”

“If he’s active on Instagram.”

“You can’t beat a nice watch on a fella.”

“I love a gin and tonic drinker.”

Anything to add? Let us know in the Facebook comments.