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13th Jul 2018

12 first world problems we must face thanks to the sizzling sunshine

Air-con. Where is the air-con??

Brought to you by Liberty Insurance.

It has been yet another scorcher of a week.

As a nation that’s entirely obsessed with the weather, something would feel amiss if we didn’t rant about it even for just a few minutes. The sunshine most definitely has us feeling superb, but there are inevitable little mishaps that must occur in the real world.

Here are just a few worth pondering over…

1. The Moment You Get Suncream in Your Eyes

Is there anything more stingy?

2. The Office is Similar to a Furnace OR a Fridge


There’s either no air-con and it’s stifling hot, or… that cool fan is on full blast and our sleeveless summer ensemble was a BIG mistake.

3. Warm Drinks

We asked for it cold, we even asked for a bit of ice, yet it’s not quenching our thirst quite like we expected.

4. Constant Perspiration


Unflattering, but true.

5. Sitting on Your Sunnies

Oh no – not our Ray-Bans! Best keep them on our head so.

6. Hot Car Problems

We’ve heard reports of makeup bottles melting to chairs, steering wheels burning delicate hands and air con breakdowns. (The horror!) Remember that turning off lights, A/C and phone charger etc. is better for your engine at start-up. For more tips on maintaining your car and staying safe on the roads this summer visit the Liberty Insurance blog here.

7. Losing Luggage

It had EVERYTHING in it – our entire summer wardrobe. And now – it’s MIA. Could we be having a worse day?

8. Heading to Lunch and ALL the Outdoor Tables are Gone

The definition of first world problems. That is all.

9. The Sun Glare on Your Phone

Not only is it harder to stay on top of all those precious Whatsapp messages – your phone also has a chance of being melted if you’re not careful.

10. It’s Harder to Get into Clothes

Is it the heat making our legs swell? Are summer clothes smaller? Or have we indulged in too much ice cream? Whatever the reason, it’s a squeeze!

11. Shops Are Extra, Extra Hot

Hunting for a new garment can be utterly unbearable, unless, they’re smart about it, and quick to pop on the cool air.

12. The Longing to Escape the City Intensifies…

…and we just have to flee! Oh, but of course everyone and their granny has the exact same idea. What was expected to be a one hour drive to the beach is now indeed three.

Brought to you by Liberty Insurance.

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