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15th Aug 2016

11 things you’ll know if you’ve lived in an all-female house

Who's for a Chinese?

Living in a house full of girls and only girls can be a bit of a rollercoaster.

When you are in a house occupied by females only, it can be full of ups and downs. While it can be a bright, nice-smelling environment, it can also get pretty stressful when the you’re fighting to use the shower or when there are foundation stains all over your towels.

Obviously, it can all depend on who you live with, and your relationship with them, but if you are in an all-girls house you will recognise a few of these things:

1) The house will always smell like candles

What is it about gals and candles? Whether we splash out on Yankee Candles or opt for the Penney’s alternative, a house full of girls will always smell good. Candles will be lit in the evenings for a cozy ambiance, but even when they are not lit, you’ll smell the remnants of the ‘rosy fruity autumn blast’ or whatever ridiculous name it may have.


2) “Chinese?” is another way of saying “What should we do for dinner?”

When you first moved in together you probably talked about cooking for each other. You planned to make big homely dishes and all sit around the table eating and chatting about your day, but ‘Chinese’ quickly replaces any previous dinner questions and now the only acceptable answers are ‘Sure’ or ‘Domino’s?’.

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3) You always run out of toilet roll

Girls pee. A LOT. The constant need to pee multiplied by how many girls you live with means that you will go through an extraordinary amount of toilet paper. In fact you never realised how much toilet paper girls use when you lived with your family or in a house with boys, but now that it’s only girls you seem to have it on your shopping list every week.

4) There is Hair EVERYWHERE

The sink, the shower, the couch, the stairs – and everywhere else you could think of – will be laced with hair. Girls shed worse than dogs, and when you live with a group of girls who all have different colour hair, there is a rainbow of colour everywhere you go, but not in a nice way.

I swear my sister sheds like a dog! #hairinsink

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5) The fight for the washing machine is intense

Girls change their clothes a lot, even if its just from pyjamas to leggings and back to another pair of pyjamas. We have loads of bras and knickers and it feels like you constantly need to put a wash on. So you’ll fill a basket and head down to the machine only to find someone else’s clothes on a spin.

So you leave your stuff by the machine, and come back an hour later only to see those clothes on the line and another load in the machine.

6) There are clothes everywhere, but especially on chairs

If a girl has a chair in her room, you haven’t a hope of sitting on it when you pop into her room for a chat. When a girl has a chair in her room it becomes a wardrobe. It doesn’t stop with chairs though: radiators, banisters and the kitchen table will also be plastered in bras, shoes, and skirts.

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7) There are hair-slides everywhere

While you may find hair all over the place, this will be closely followed by hair-slides. They will be all over the sink, and there is no way of telling which one of you owns which pins, so you inevitably share them, whether you intend to or not.


8) You see each other in pyjamas more than clothes

It’s no secret that gals love wearing their PJs. It’s the comfort, it’s the free-boobing, it’s the solidarity. Living in a house with all girls means you see more pink cartoon patterns than you thought existed. If you and your friends have no plans, you can bet that you’ll be staying in your PJs all day.

9) You’ll always have an even tan

You probably thought that when you moved in with girls you’d all do each other’s make-up and hair, but the reality is you get ready in your own rooms so that you have your own mirror space. Tanning is a different affair, however. Your roommates will always help you tan your back, because otherwise what is the actual point of living in a house full of girls?

10) There are remnants of healthy intentions everywhere

We all want to eat healthy, and when you live with a group of girls you all talk about using your NutriBullet and making salads for dinner. You walk into your kitchen a week later only to find uneaten fruit, unopened herbal teas, and stale rice cakes. They all end up going in the bin a few days later, and then you blame your roomies for being “a bad influence” on you.


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11) Munchie shopping trips are extremely frequent

Speaking of bad influence…

We’re not sure what is it – maybe it’s the Netflix binging, being constantly in our pyjamas or just being in love with chocolate – but living with girls leads to twice as many trips to the shops for munchies. Once someone else says they feel like some jellies, that’s all the push you need, and you don’t feel bad about buying the family size bags of chocolate because you’re “sharing” them.


From being cosy, to having a tanning buddy, to knowing there will always be chocolate around, living in a girls-only house can actually be a lot of fun.

Even if it freaks the hell out of you when your periods all sync up.