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14th Jul 2015

10 Things… That Tell You’re Just Not That Into Him

It's not you, it's him...

Dating is a confusing process.

If you’re lucky, you’ll both instantly click and want to spend every minute together. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be plotting an escape route by the time he’s taken off his coat.

However, we regularly find ourselves in a strange ‘inbetween’ situation where we quite like the guy as a person but we’re just not sure if we’re really THAT into him.

Here’s our telltale signs that it might be time for the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ talk…

1) You forget important details… like his second name

The ‘getting to know you’ process is one of the most fun parts of meeting a new man but if you find yourself wracking your brain when your housemate asks for his second name, this could be a sign that he didn’t hold your full attention. Same goes for occupation, number of siblings and whether he’s seen House Of Cards


2) You choose a night with the girls over a date without giving it a second thought

You haven’t seen your suitor since Monday but when a text comes through from your bestie wondering whether you’re up for cocktails on Saturday night, you’ve RSVP’d and found a new dress on ASOS before you even realise that it’s supposed to be date night.


3) You find yourself regularly checking Twitter during your dates

Granted some of us are a little more addicted to social media than others but if you’re drooling over photos on Instagram instead of the guy across the table. There’s something amiss.


4) You’re secretly delighted when he leaves your place

This is the most undeniable sign of all. There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up with the object of your affections so if you’re thrilled when your guy says he has to head home instead of staying over, we don’t see this one going the distance. After a few months, it’s understandable to crave a solo Nashville marathon in your pyjamas but not after a few dates…


5) Your friends don’t know anything about him

Verbal diarrhoea goes hand in hand with meeting someone you really fancy and whether you realise it or not, every other sentence probably starts with ‘Me and Tom’ or ‘Tom said’. If your inner circle haven’t got the rundown on your beau (and it’s not because he’s wildly unsuitable or you like the thrill of secrecy), it’s a very bad sign.


6) You refuse to make plans farther than two weeks in advance

Your friend is asking if you’re bringing a plus one to her birthday dinner but you keep dodging the question. Most probably because you think you’ll have dumped him by then but don’t want to admit it to yourself.


7) You’re still chatting to other guys on Tinder

It’s always good to keep your options open but if you’ve gotten over the first few dates and things are progressing, your handy dating pal should be one of the first things to go.


8) You get a renewed need to “have your own space”

The staff at your gym are confused at the sudden spike in your attendance, friends you haven’t seen in years are getting the ‘fancy a coffee?’ text and your kitchen has seen more Cillit Bang than Barry Scott. Admit it, you’re avoiding him.


9) You find all of his quirks mildly irritating

When they say love is blind, this is not an excuse for hooking up with some absolute beast while you are drunk. It simply means that if you really like someone, you’ll gloss over their flaws. If you’re getting dangerously high blood pressure from his annoying habits, it might be time to give this one the boot.


10) You forget to text him back

When you’re seeing someone you really like, it’s common to compulsively check your phone and jump about ten feet in your chair when his name pops up on the screen. If you delay texting back until after Love/Hate and then realise the following morning that you completely forgot, he’s probably not a keeper.