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14th Dec 2014

WATCH: “We Have To Wake Up And Understand” – Bressie Speaks Out About Mental Health And Battling With Depression

This is incredibly powerful watching.

Following his first incredibly open and honest speech on tackling depression and anxiety, Niall Breslin spoke to Brendan O’Connor last night to address the ongoing frustration in Ireland in dealing with mental health.

The former rugby player and Blizzards frontman opened up about his own struggle with depression and anxiety and made a plea for people to speak out and create an understanding amongst the public to support others who are struggling with their mental health.

The singer confided that having to hide his depression was the most difficult aspect about the illness.

“We have to wake up and understand that a vast majority of people in this country have experienced this, or dealt with loved ones who have or have had depression or anxiety, yet we are still unbelievably shadowed by it and it just really frustrates me,” Breslin said.

This is incredibly powerful watching.

Video via RTÉ – Ireland’s National Television and Radio B