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31st Mar 2015

WATCH: One View Of This Toy Advert Could Save A Baby From Choking

The ad has been viewed more than 7.7 million times.


A short advert voiced by David Walliams, David Mitchell and Sir John Hurt has saved the lives of more than 36 children, thanks to its quick thinking reaction skills it’s teaching parents.

The Chokeables health campaign features a series of toys and small objects ask for the audience’s attention right before a red jelly baby starts choking and turning blue.

Walliams’ princess then demonstrates the correct technique for assisting a choking baby by placing them face down on an adult’s thigh, giving up to five back slaps, following with five chest thrusts if that doesn’t dislodge a foreign object.

If both positions fail, the advert advises parents or guardians to call an ambulance immediately.

The campaign by St. John’s Ambulance was launched in January and has already racked up more than 7.7million views across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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Video via St John Ambulance