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20th Jan 2020

Scientists just discovered a surprising long-term health benefit of doing Dry January

Rebecca O'Keeffe

dry january

Anyone up for it?

It’s all over folks – Christmas has come to an end for another year.

And while we’re kind of sad, frankly, our livers are delighted.

Many of you, ourselves included, will have made the bold decision to do Dry January.

You know, stay off booze for the whole month.

Obviously, this has a number of benefits.

Firstly, it will save much needed funds for what is usually the trickiest month of the year for finances.

dry january

And then there are the health benefits.

Sometimes, your body just needs a break from booze, especially after Christmas.

And, if you’re looking to be convinced into doing it – we have news for you.

Scientists have just discovered a new (and unreal) benefit to doing Dry January.

The University of Sussex just released a report on their recent findings, after asking 800 participants to go dry in January 2018.

Of course, the participants saw an improvement in their energy levels, skin and benefitted from weight loss.

dry january

However, there was one rather unexpected result.

Those who took part in Dry January were drinking significantly less 8 months after, in August.

At the start of the study, average drinking days per week was 4.3, but it had fallen to 3.3 by the time the research ended.

Pretty significant.

Worth a try, anyway.


Dry January