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01st Oct 2021

Study reveals 6 in 10 Irish women don’t check their breasts regularly

Katy Brennan

The survey was carried out ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

A new survey by CarePlus Pharmacy has shown that 6 in 10 Irish women do not regularly check their breasts for lumps or abnormalities.

The survey, which was carried out on 800 women online, found that 43% said they didn’t check their breasts regularly because they forgot, while 22% said they didn’t know how. It also found that only 27% of women actually check their breasts every month.

52% of women said they had been directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer.

Lee-Ann Hyland, Director of Marketing for CarePlus Pharmacy, said:

“We decided to conduct this survey following a discussion around awareness amongst our female colleagues immediately after the tragic death of Sarah Harding. The survey shows that the majority of women are aware of the importance of checking their breasts, but that awareness is not being translated into action.

“If, by distributing information from Breast Cancer Ireland we make an impact in the life of a single Irish woman, then this will be a worthwhile exercise. The message is simple: check yourself and speak to your doctor if you are in any way worried.”

According to Breast Cancer Ireland, 1 in 9 women will be affected by the illness in their lifetime. Early detection plays a crucial role in treatment and recovery, which is why regular checks are vital.

Experts recommend women carry out a self-examination once a month and schedule an appointment with their GP immediately if any abnormalities or lumps are found.

To support Breast Cancer Awareness month, CarePlus Pharmacy, along with its sister brand StayWell Pharmacy, has said they will distribute awareness leaflets across their branches nationwide throughout the month of October, on behalf of Breast Cancer Ireland.

For more information about breast cancer and instructions on how to carry out a self-examination, visit Breast Cancer Ireland.