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12th Sep 2017

This new method will ensure you never have trouble falling asleep again

"Insomnia, I can't get no sleep."

Darragh Berry

Forget about counting sheep…

It’s a tired person’s worst nightmare. Tossing, turning, trying to clear your head of thoughts so you can fall asleep but after a few minutes, all you can think about is why you can’t fall asleep.

We all have our different sort of techniques, some of us count sheep (where did that phenomenon come from?) some of us turn on our favourite television show and others stick in some earphones and play some soothing music.

However, sometimes not even your old reliable formula will make you go to the land of nod and when this happens all that can go through your head is the lyrics to Insomnia by Faithless:

I can’t get no sleep…

Finally, it looks like there is a new and effective way of making sure you fall asleep and it comes in the form of a podcast.

According to the New Yorker, Sleep With Me was created by Drew Ackerman and unlike most, he doesn’t want his podcast to be interesting, oh no, he wants to make sure it’s boring enough to put you straight into snooze land.

He is the host of the show and has created a unique narrative technique which sees him use “elongated sentences” with his monotone voice to tell stories which normally go off on tangents to the point where you are so bored that your only option is to fall asleep.

Ackerman has described it as “the podcast the sheep listen to when they get tired of counting themselves,” and insomnia is something that he knows a lot about considering he suffered from it as a child.

We have one of his latest episodes below so if you’re finding it hard to sleep tonight, it might be no harm switching this on…