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11th Feb 2016

PICS: Woman Shares Shocking Skin Damage Photos After 30 Minutes On A Sunbed

The tanning shop is denying claims made against them.

Megan Cassidy

This is really scary.

A young woman who was left with painful blisters after spending a combined 32 minutes in one day on a sunbed, has shared an image of her skin damage to warn others against excessive use.

Model Zaynab Alkhatib , from Manchester, claims that she spent twenty minutes on a sunbed on her lunch break, and returned later that evening to do another 12 minutes.

She maintains that at no point did the tanning shop in question warn her of the dangers of over-exposure.

However, she was left with painful blisters and scarring that has affected the 30-year-old’s modelling career.

Tanning sunbed

Image via Manchester Evening News/Andy Lambert

She told the Manchester Evening News: “I still can’t work now.

“I was supposed to do a shoot this week and I haven’t been able to. I have just been stinging and lying in bed.”

Meanwhile, the tanning shop in Manchester City Centre denies that Zaynab returned to the tanning shop twice in the one day.

However, whether or not she did, the photos are certainly an eye-opener as to the damages over exposure to artificial sun rays can actually do.