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12th Sep 2012

Mix It Up! Georgina Ahern on Changing Workouts to Stop Boredom and See Results

With her husband Nicky Byrne taking to the floor on 'Strictly Come Dancing', Georgina Ahern is also looking at taking up a class to learn some new moves...


Working out is not about trying to be skinny.

It’s about keeping your body healthy and active, and it’s about having fun. The results you want to see will then happen accordingly.

No matter how hectic your life is, taking a small amount of time out to have fun and keep active makes you feel good and feel healthy.

It’s so easy to get fed up with your workouts, and then not to bother at all. So it’s important when you’re feeling like that to change up your routine and get going again!

Every three to four weeks it’s good to add something new or tweak your routine, not only to challenge your body but also to increase your chances of getting the best results. 

It also will keep you motivated and allow you to enjoy yourself. Two easy things to change are: 

Swap weights for TRX:

I have recently started adding some TRX exercises into my program. It makes a change from doing some exercises on the cable machines or with small hand weights. Something new is always good to shock the body, and when you see the results it spurs you on to continue.

You can actually achieve a full body workout using TRX cables. It’s very versatile and some gyms do full classes, which can be fun if it’s classes you prefer – so do check what’s available near you. 

TRX is not exactly new; it’s based on military training and has been incorporated into training for many years now. 

It’s a resistance training using bands that are suspended above you. There is no extra weight added, so you’re using your own body weight against gravity.  

They are great for shaping up and toning, it helps with your flexibility and the range of motion of your joints, and also works for strengthening up and improving your performance levels.

Swap a Spin class for a Zumba class 

Well, with my hubby getting ready to show some moves every weekend on Strictly Come Dancing, maybe it’s an idea to swap my weekly Spin class for a Zumba class! 

Fitness through a Zumba dance class can burn up to 600-800 calories an hour. It involves fun dance routines to a mix of Latin and international based music. As the logo says, ‘jump in and get lost in the music’ and you do just that.

Instead of spinning on the spot for a few weeks, join a class with friends and bop along! Burn calories and enjoy the fun party vibe. 

There are also lots of charity fundraisers being held at the moment with Strictly Come Dancing themes. Maybe if it’s a charity close to your heart, it might be a good idea to get involved locally, have fun, workout and feel great!

Mind you, with my co-ordination spinning to fast music is usually the best option for me, instead of falling over my two left feet! So maybe I should leave the dancing to my hubby!


Have fun!