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08th Sep 2017

Michael D Higgins’ letter to Bressie is the sweetest thing we’ve read all day

So lovely

Olivia Hayes

This is very touching.

As well as being a musician and studio owner, Bressie also plays a major part in Lust for Life, an Irish well-being movement which aims to shed a light on people living with mental health problems.

It’s mission is to transform the way society talks about and treats people with anxiety, depression and any other form of mental illnesses.

Bressie is one the the key players in the mission’s #Soundeffect campaign, which along with Pieta House, wants to turn “up the volume on the power and importance of being sound.”

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And today, the singer received a very kind letter from none other than our President, Michael D Higgins.

Taking to Instagram, Bressie shared the letter he received, and it displays an important message.

The President said: “The campaign is so worthy of support and can be a compelling reminder of the power of personal action and genuine solidarity.

“Since my inauguration in 2011, I have spoken on many occasions of the urgent necessity of changing our country for the better, in an inclusive and creative way.

“The speeches I have given have stressed the many options open to us if we choose to base our personal and collective actions on solid moral foundations that strengthen the fabric of the groups, communities and institutions that make up our society.

He continued, “Together, we have the power to transform Ireland, in a way that will ensure the well-being and active participation of all, creating a kind of Irishness that bind us together, at home and abroad.

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“I am sure that I’m not alone in wishing the campaign success in its achievement of change in language itself.”

Bressie wrote on the picture of the letter, “I’m extremely thankful for the immensely sound people who passionately worked arses off on making the #soundeffect campaign happen.

“This is just the start and thank you to those who got involved by being sound and to the soundest of them all our president, Michael D Higgins,” he added.