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18th Nov 2016

This is how often you need to change your toothbrush

Do you stick to this?

Laura Holland

Do you stick to this?

When it comes to getting a new toothbrush men wait a lot longer than women. A new survey has found that men keep their toothbrushes twice as long as women. They wait 185 days before getting a new one, whereas women wait just 92 days.

According to The Daily Mail, dentists advise people to change their toothbrush every three months because waiting any longer can cause health issues to your teeth and gums.

Dr TarIq Idrees, who owns Carisbrook Dental, says, “Throwing your toothbrush out after three months might seem like a short time, but think of the germs, viruses and bacteria it is exposed to daily.

“New toothbrushes have been developed where the bristles change colour when they are worn out – providing an immediate reminding of when to get a new one.”

He conducted a survey which returned some other interesting results when it came to dental care. It found that over half of the women surveyed use electric toothbrushes while only a third of men have changed for the electric variety.

7 out of 10 men admitted to using their partner’s toothbrush, whereas only a quarter of women use their partner’s.