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01st Feb 2023

First Dates’ Merlin Griffiths says recovery from bowel cancer “won’t be fast”

Sarah McKenna Barry

He took to Twitter to update his followers.

Merlin Griffiths, who appears as the affable bartender on First Dates, has been discharged from hospital as he looks ahead to his recovery from bowel cancer.

Merlin was first diagnosed in 2021, and since then he has been using his page to raise awareness for bowel cancer as well as the use of stoma.

Last week, he underwent surgery to have his stoma – an opening which allows for the removal of waste – to be removed. In an update on Twitter, he shared that he has been discharged.

“Phew. Getting discharged from hospital today,” he wrote. “It’s been a tough and fraught week. Recovery will not be fast, but I’ll get there. And I’ve got much better TP at home!”

He then thanked the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and described them as “exemplary as always”.

In the replies, he was met with many well wishes, including one from Adele Roberts. The TV presenter has also experienced bowel cancer and, like Merlin, she uses her platform to destigmatise stomas.

She wrote: “Congratulations Merlin! Keep smashing it and so happy you’re on the mend. Thanks you so much for sharing your recovery.”

Merlin asked Adele if she was getting a reversal and she replied saying that she is not able to get one for the time being, but her team are “working on it”.

“The NHS are so amazing,” she wrote. “It’s been brilliant to see you striving.”

For more information on bowel cancer, head to the HSE’s website right here.

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