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03rd Mar 2014

Crash And Burn: Ten Good Reasons To Give Up Smoking

It's time to break the habit


This Wednesday 5 March is National No Smoking Day and aims to encourage people across Ireland to kick this unhealthy habit.

We know many of you have been thinking about ditching the ciggies so we thought we’d help you along the way with our ten top reasons to give up smoking.


1) You’ll instantly reduce your chances of getting cancer

Smoking is, by far, the most preventable cause of cancer and is responsible for more than four in five cases of lung cancer. It also increases your chances of being diagnosed with over a dozen other cancers and, according to Cancer Research UK half of all smokers eventually die from cancer or other smoking-related illnesses, with a quarter of smokers dying between the ages of 35 and 69.

2) You will smell much better

One of the most horrible things about dating or living with a smoker is the smell. While you may have become immune to the odour of stale smoke on your clothes, your housemates/family/significant other probably has not and will be hugely excited by the prospect of a more fragrant version of you.

3) Your teeth won’t become decayed

Being a smoker leaves you open to a whole host of decidedly unglamourous mouth conditions, including gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss and tarter build-up. Smoking will also colour your teeth, leaving them dull, yellow and clashing horribly with your favourite red lipstick.


4) You will save a whole heap of money

Taking a conservative estimate of 15 cigarettes a day for an average smoker, you could stand to save over €200 a month by saying goodbye to the fags. Instead, you could buy a flight to Paris after one month, treat yourself to a full spa day at The Marker after two months and have a guilt-free splurge on these amazing Saint Laurent slingbacks after four months. Case closed.

5) You won’t keel over in exhaustion after climbing the stairs

There’s no doubt that smoking has a serious impact on your fitness levels and with looking strong being ‘the new skinny’, you are fighting a losing battle when teaming a punishing gym schedule with a 20-a-day habit.

6) You’ll have a much better diet

Smoking diminishes appetite and many smokers often find themselves grabbing a quick cigarette in lieu of a balanced breakfast or lunch. Giving up this habit will encourage you to eat more regular meals, which will have a knock-on effect on your overall health.


7) You won’t have to abandon your friends regularly on nights out

The most annoying thing about befriending a smoker is being left sitting at the bar once an hour while they run out to have a crafty smoke. Give up the cigarettes and you’ll be a more attentive friend, not to mention all the cocktails you can buy with your newfound wealth.

8) You can avoid getting yellow nails and fingers

Smoking also takes it toll on appearance and one of the most obvious signs is a tell-tale yellow hue on someone’s fingers and nails. This is definitely not attractive and no amount of Shellac manicures is going to repair the damage so starting working on prevention asap.

9) You can stop passing on second hand smoke

This is a definite biggie if you have a family or spend a lot of time around children, as second hand smoke can be very damaging to their development. It’s also setting a bad example for the future as children tend to imitate those around them.

10) You have a better chance of conceiving

One of the lesser known effects of smoking is reduced fertility so if you are planning to have a baby any time soon, it’s definitely time to quick the habit and get practising instead!


There is a huge amount of support out there if you want to quit smoking, so check out for all the details.