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22nd Mar 2023

INMO calls on HSE to cancel elective surgeries due to overcrowding

“The provision of safe care must be the priority.”

The INMO says the HSE should cancel elective surgeries as staff continues to struggle with overcrowding.

Hospitals have been under extreme pressure, especially after the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

There are currently over 631 patients on trolleys.

Nurses believe the best thing to do would be cancelling elective surgeries.

This would help staff move patients off of trolleys.

General Secretary, Phil Ní Sheaghdha issued a statement:

“The HSE must direct hospitals to cancel electives and concentrate on the de-escalation of trolleys from understaffed and overburdened wards.

“It is obvious that in times of severe overcrowding such as this weekend and going into the week ahead.

“Our public hospital system cannot provide both safe emergency and elective care.

“The provision of safe care must be the priority.”

elective surgeries

Norovirus cases on the rise.

Earlier this week, the HSE issued a warning to the public following a stark rise in norovirus cases.

Cases of the winter vomiting bug are higher than ever, the HSPC has confirmed.

According to the HSE, 394 cases of norovirus were recorded in the first 10 weeks of this year.

This is four times the number of cases recorded in the same time period during 2022.

A warning has been issued to the public to beware of the symptoms.

People have also been advised to stay home in a bid to stop spreading norovirus.

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