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17th Jun 2018

This is the surprising amount of calories you burn in the shower

We'll be spending longer in the shower from now on.

Orlaith Condon

We’ll be showering more often then.

While you might think the shower after your workout is just to wash away any lingering odours, it can actually help you burn more calories.

Yes, according to Shake That Weight spending just 15 minutes in the shower can burn more calories than you’d expect.

Our bodies naturally work off calories during mundane tasks and showering is the perfect example, burning 62 calories in just 15 minutes.

Having a good old soak can indeed help you burn off that biscuit you had with your tea earlier.

And showering isn’t the only task that can work off the calories. Drying your hair for 15 minutes also burns up to 39 calories, ironing your shirt in the morning can burn 66 and getting seven hours of sleep in can burn a huge 382 calories.

So from now on, we’re showering before bed, getting a good seven hours kip in and giving our clothes a good iron when we wake up and bidding farewell to 510 calories.